Episode 035: Back On Air – Steinhof – Corporate Culture

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After being off the air for a little while, I give my two cents worth on Steinhof International. Some thoughts on a business culture where we can admit to mistakes. Before I tackle these topics, however, this episode of the podcast kicks off with early morning exercise in Johannesburg and an update on what’s been happening the last few months that I have been so quiet.

Steinhof Disaster

I am not going to claim to know a great deal of what has gone on in Steinhof, but the news of their financial issues and the way things were hidden, have taken the market by storm.

There is an important lesson to learn here. Many corporates and people, cultivate a culture where you cannot make mistakes. This can foster behaviour that justifies the covering up of the truth. We have to be more open to admitting to, and learning from mistakes. Only then can we improve.

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