Episode 006: Mostly Me Monday – Supportive Parents

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To avoid last minute planning, I am working on some of my podcast content in advance. While I am preparing I am listening to one of my favourite podcasts, TED Radio Hour from NPR.

The particular episode I was finishing is Disruptive Leadership. It tied in well with the thought I wanted to share on my Mostly Me Monday feature, namely Supportive Parents.

Supportive Parents

It is an idea that extended from my podcast on Friday and where I experience a “kick to the head” type moment as I mentioned how supportive my parents were of my photography endeavours.  The more I reflected on it, the more it burned.

I have realised how cruel the ignorance and self-centeredness of youth can be later in life. Only now as I reflect on it, the hours I spent arguing with my parents (over several years) about camera gear etc, just how ungrateful it appeared I was of the support they had already shown to that point in time.

As I look back on my relatively short life so far, I can see how so much of who I am today and what I have achieved goes back to my parents and their support.

That said, the long nights of arguing, have also taught me the skills that I use in my work life now. I am not sure my Dad would be impressed with hearing that, but it is true. I recall planning my case and preparing my facts to support my arguments before they began. These skills continue to help me with engaging business people both internally and externally in my own businesses or being in corporate employ when decisions need to be swayed.

Parents are continually moulding their children’s characters be it in active engagement or the passive examples of their own life conduct. Getting up early on a day off to take you to a practice game, or the long hours of repeating school through helping you with homework.

Not everyone may be able to have the opportunity to be raised in such a way or to raise children of their own, but the question we should still ask ourselves, is what kind of leader are we unknowingly being to others?

As an extension of my reflections, I am looking at how I can be more supportive as a father today and in the years to come. I am fortunate to still have my Dad as a living example.

Let me close off by asking you to share, how have you been influenced by parents and leaders in your life?

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