Episode 007: Tech Talk Tuesday – Ubuntu and Podcasts

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Welcome to another Tech Talk Tuesday segment of the podcast. For those that are in the USA, I believe it is happy Amazon Prime Day too.

Despite residing outside of the USA, I decided to browse some of the deals. Here are some items you may want to check out.

Echo and Echo Dot

So some of the functionality on Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot is still limited outside of the USA (for example, you have to ask for the weather of the city your reside in by name as geolocation for asking what the temperature is “outside” won’t work and the answer will still be in Fahrenheit) but it is still a cool gadget that also keeps little kids amused for a while.

Acer Chromebook 15

The Acer Chromebook 15 is not thin and light, but it offers great specs (for a Chromebook) at a great price, even when it is not on sale.

It sports a 15-inch Full HD screen, Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. Keep in mind this is a Chromebook so most of your work will be stored in Google Drive. This is a great machine for home use without sacrificing a quality screen.

Okra 7-Port USB Charger

This device just appealed to me because when you have a family there are always multiple phones and tablets needing to be charged and taking turns on half as many chargers as devices.

This desktop charger can power seven devices at once with a stand that resembles the organisation of a filing cabinet drawer. Check out the Okra 7-Port Hub USB Desktop Universal Charging Station (what a name) and see for yourself.

Ubuntu in the Windows App Store

As reported on The Verge, Ubuntu is now available in the Windows Store. This flavour of Linux will run in a sandbox alongside Windows 10 which will allow it to access shared files and hardware with your Windows 10 installation.

You will need to navigate to your Control Panel in Windows and select a setting in the “Turn Windows Features On or Off” menu called “Windows Subsystem for Linux”.

To be honest, I cannot say I geeking out too much about this, but are there some of you out there that find this really exciting? What am I missing by not playing with Linux?

Podcast Services

So with this podcast being in its second week, I have been looking at all the places you can listen to your favourite audio feasts. Just over the weekend, this humble show has gone from being published with Anchor.FM and in iTunes, to now also being available on PocketCast, Stitcher, TuneIn and – sadly not working in Africa but confirmed by my family in the USA – Google Play podcasts as well.

For those who maybe do not know what all of these services are, let me break down a few of them briefly.


Anchor is an audio service that runs best out of their apps for Android or Apple’s iOS. It is like radio for the modern age, even more so than traditional podcasting I think.

I say this because, in one app, creators of content can record their own voice, interviews, insert music and even receive and share call-ins to their show. It is simple to create your own station and easy to listen to other people’s stations. It used to be that segments you recorded were only available for 24hrs but a recent update introduced the option to select your segments before the 24hrs window is up and push them into a single episode that is broadcast as a podcast (hosted by Anchor) and syndicated to iTune and Google etc for you. Without this app, this podcast would never have got off the ground.

Stitcher and TuneIn

Both of these services are similar to my mind at least. Before I got PocketCast as my go-to app for listening to my favourite podcasts on Android, I used to use Stitcher. I also tried TuneIn as bit as well. Both services offer you thousands of live radio stations from around the world as well as various podcasts and archived radio shows in case you missed them when they were broadcasting live.


So as you can see, there is no shortage of places to listen to this and many other podcasts out there. I am interested to know which services you use to listen to audio on your smartphone, tablet or laptop? Maybe you even listen on your Amazon Echo! Either way, let me know by calling in on the Anchor app or drop a comment in the blog post for this episode.

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