Episode 013: Tech Talk Tuesday – Elon Musk on AI

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Welcome to this weeks Tech Talk Tuesday where we will look at some tech tales that caught my eye online and a personal experience with Facebook Fraud, but first, Elon Musk is worried about the Artificial Intelligence Apocolypse.

Elon Musk Warns Governors to act on AI now

Recode is reporting that Elon Musk – the South African born, real life equivalent of Tony Stark or Iron Man – spoke at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Rhode Island USA, labelling AI as the “biggest risk we face as a civilisation”.

He is calling on the government to regulate artificial intelligence proactively warning that it is too late then “people see robots going down the street killing people”.

I recently watched the 2004 movie ‘I, Robot’ starring Will Smith. If you have seen the film, you will realise that it illustrates the fear Elon has been warning about since 2014.

Is it possible that the programme to Mars is a plan B not just to escape Global Warming?


Fraud on Facebook

About a month ago, I engaged in a sale of a product through a closed group on Facebook which I think could be beneficial for some of you.

Let me start that my “spider senses” if you will, went off early on in my experience, nevertheless I had an amount I was prepared to risk and see if I was right.

Because of the closed nature of the group on Facebook, I had assumed that people might be more trustworthy. I saw a product that had been listed for a while and thought it might be that the seller would be more negotiable. The initial advert was not badly priced, but the condition in the photos looked like I would be justified in seeking a lower sales price.

It turned out that the selling – through messenger – came out with a price a little under half. At this point, I became a little concerned. I decided to engage the process further though and if proven right in my suspicion, I might warn others on the group.

I sent a little money ahead to cover overnight shipping and the much reduced asking price.

After 24 hours of having a tracking number that did not pull up any results, I contacted the courier company. It turned out the waybill number give was being phased out and the store from where the parcel was supposedly being sent, was already using the newer sequence waybill.

I started digging into the profile of the person and also found a profile by the same name with one or two common friends. I started to suspect that the account was cloned from that person as the real person’s account had posts in the timeline while the suspected clone did not. Also the account I suspected to be a clone had posts in our groups for selling items. Some of these ads were too good to be true in terms of pricing.

While this was happening I was still engaging the person and when they realised I was on to them, they blocked me from their profile.

This meant I could not report their profile or see their ads. All I had was the chat history with them.

Last week I noticed the profile picture of the account had changed. I then asked a friend in the same group to check if the person was posting because I had been blocked from seeing their profile. My friend could see a repost of the same product and ran a Google Image search of the photos posted. It was a match for a forum by a person in the USA from a few years ago. The fraudster was just using images stolen from the web. When my friend asked for extra pictures the fraudster was on the run again.

So some key takeaway points.

  • If something is too good to be true it probably is
  • Ask for as many details and extra pictures of a product as you can.
  • Do a Google Image search for the images in the ad.
  • If things seem legit, always try to meet in person at a public place and take a friend
  • Trust your gut or ‘spider-senses’ if it just doesn’t seem right.

Are you Addicted to your Smartphone

Lastly today, I wanted to share this video from the TWiT network about smartphone addiction. It is very enlightening with Psychotherapist Georgia Dow from iMore joining the discussion on the topic.

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