Episode 017: Mostly Me Monday – Listener Call-In

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Today’s Mostly Me Monday feature is a short one. I am going to play back some recent listener call-ins to the show and share some further thoughts or experiences from their feedback. I also have a request for you as my listeners.

Listener Call-In from Darryl

Many thanks to Darryl for calling in and sharing his ‘handbrake turn fail’ story in his first car.

Darryl’s experience reminded me of the time I accidentally did some remodelling of the passenger door on my parents’ car in the underground parking lot where I worked when I got my drivers license.

These kinds of things happen when you try to copy other people who have much more experience at showing off.

Listener Call-In from Scott

Many thanks to Scott for his point about weekend warrior photographers following last weeks Photo Friday podcast.

I agree that it is not about how good the photographer is if they cannot market themselves. Without getting customers you cannot make money.


I would like to hear from listeners about how you manage stress in your work and personal life.

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