Episode 019: Work Wednesday – Stress

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Stress is something that most people will experience in their lives at some point and so following a request for listener feedback to the show, I want to share some of your calls and have a short discussion about the subject.

Call In from Scott

Thank you, Scott, for your call in. It raises some interesting points.

I think we have to keep in mind, as you suggested, that the nature of our society has changed. Given the way in which so much of our existence revolves around the need for money to provide for food and shelter, a threat to our job security as an example could feel very much like an elephant strolling through your garden if you were an early farmer.

I agree that some things perhaps stress us more than they should, but other things certainly trigger those responses you mentioned with some justifiable cause. And on the breathing matter, I found it interesting in my research for fitness trackers how this is becoming a focus feature for many new models.

Call in from Mike

Thank you, Mike, I can understand how you get stressed out by what you shared.

Chatting to my wife she raised the following points or techniques she has been trying and which I am looking to apply.

  • My wife uses her smartphone as a great way to organise her tasks for the day.
  • Hold a ten-minute meeting with yourself each morning where you soulfully search what you and those around you, need you to do.
  • As far as possible, focus on one task at a time in a mindful manner. Often we do things just going through the motions.

You can say that multitasking and not taking stock of what needs to be done is how we can drop the ball on some things.

Stress Priorities

I think something else we can do is to reflect on and put into perspective things that may or do stress us. Decide before hand how you will react to some situations. So as Scott mentioned, being cut off in the traffic, decide how you will react in a nonaggressive way so that you are in more control when the situation arises.

Recently I am finding that engaging in physical exercise is a great tool for managing stress. It helps to exert some of the energy you may have wanted to use in a confrontation to something personally beneficial. It is not good to go from day to day with building stress.

Physical exercise can also help you to sleep better and increasingly we are learning of the incredible importance of getting enough sleep. Getting too little sleep is not a bragging matter. You are not cool for getting less rest than the next person in the office. It is dangerous on so many levels including increased rising risk of heart disease.

Lastly, I want to suggest talking to someone you trust. This is important in two ways I think. Firstly, you are not keeping these things locked up inside you. Secondly, you may gain a better perspective on your stresses when you unpack them with someone else.

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