Episode 020: Throw Back Thursday – TV Shows

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This morning I was having one of those conversations with myself (that I hope many of you have) where I staged a debate in my head. The topic of the debate followed on from an earlier thought about a TV Show – Netflix original – that I am a little hooked on right now.

The debate that raged in my mind was if Big Bang Theory is for myself and others in my circle of friends, what Friends was to a slightly older group of friends. I say this only because at the moment, I don’t think my wife is listening to every episode of my podcast and so I won’t be in trouble because she is only very slightly older than me and watched almost all of Friends.

Old TV Shows You Remember

These thoughts bring me to the topic of today’s Throw Back Thursday. What TV Shows do you remember and why did you like them.

Here are some of the shows I recall from all ages. Many when I look back at them now, I wonder why we thought they were so great.

Knight Rider

Well, I apparently got to sit in KITT when they toured South Africa while I was a kid. I recall nothing of it, but I do recall the show.


If you were a kid watching MacGyver you undoubtedly had a desire to building things after every show and of course, get a pocket knife like his.

Highlander: The Series

Why would you not recall a man who gains the life of others like him when he chopped off their head with a sword.

Other TV Shows

It is not possible for me to go into all of them, but some other names that come to mind of shows, some I remember more vividly than other.

Let me add before I list them, that if some seem much older than you think or know that I am, South Africa got TV late compared to some countries (or so some have told me) and it was heavily censored under the government regime of the times. Also, many of the old programs that required you to tune your radio in for the broadcast in a different language to what was on the actual box, were years later rebroadcast from the old archives of the cash strapped and state run, the national broadcaster, the SABC.

Some of the other shows I recall, Hardcastle and McCormick (loved the car), A-Team, Who’s The Boss, Cosby, and don’t laugh too hard for this one, but sometimes as a kid, you can’t choose what was on the box, The Golden Girls, besides, that is how I know who Betty White is.

Then there was Three’s company, Full House and Balki from Perfect Strangers. Star Trek was a stable diet for many years in its different formats. I still get the tune from Murder She Wrote in my head every now and then. I would never want to be anywhere near a character like that, the risk of being killed was too high.

I recall Steve Urkel in Family Matters (though until I Googled his name I could not tell you the name of the show). I also recall X-files, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Frasier, a little bit of Mad About You, the tune for Law and Order and who can forgest Ray’s mother reversing the car through his house in Everybody Loves Raymond.

There are some other shows that I cannot recall the names of or mention, but you get the point.

So to quote Darkwing Duck “let’s get dangerous”. What are shows you remember from your younger years?

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