Episode 022: Wage Gap of CEOs and Employees

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This afternoon an article by BusinessTech.co.za on the average salary of employees in South Africa’s big banks got me thinking about the hotly debated issue of the wage gap between CEOs and employees. To today I share what I stood out to me in a very brief reading of the subject.

(This means this episode is by no means a deep dive into the subject. I am interested to hear your views on it and perhaps we can look at the subject in more detail on a future episode.)

Wage Gap of South Africa’s Big Banks CEOs and Employees

The article by BusinessTech.co.za looks at the average salary in the bank based on the published financial results. I then personally took those numbers a bit and came up with some views of my own. These views were mostly reaffirmed by another article, this time on Forbes.com.

It would be great to get your thoughts on this top. Call in from the Anchor app or leave a comment below. You can also find some of my work life focused episodes here.