Episode 023: Tech Talk Tuesday – Africa

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Normally I apologise for the background noise in my podcasts but today I will not be apologetic as I talk about what tech is like in Africa. I think the droning generator noise makes a good background for such a topic.

Africa Lite

Many people in business experience Africa for the first time as a trip to South Africa, usually to Johannesburg and it’s economic powerhouse suburb of Sandton, the supposedly majestic mountain in the middle of the Mother City, Cape Town.

These visitors leave thinking Africa is not so bad and a land full of opportunities.

While they are not wrong about the opportunities, their perception of the infrastructure and development of Africa cannot be measured by a short stop in SA.

One person who is not in the dark about what real Africa is like, is Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai who was in Nigeria last week for a special Google event. You can find the details of what was announced on Google’s Africa blog here.

The truth is that Africa has great opportunities but requires a lot of work. Over fifty countries with their own regulations and practices make for a much tougher market than the single country, billion plus population markets of maybe India.

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