Episode 026: You are not your Customer

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This was meant to be Episode 027 but after a moment of forgetfulness, last weeks Photo Friday never got published as a podcast and so the published Episode 026 is this episode where I recap a point I made at the Tink Africa meetup where I stressed the point: You are not your customer.

Nigeria Market Size

Yudala’s MD made some points about the diversity of Nigeria that I wish to second. While many look at Nigeria and think 180 million people, the largest market in Africa, do not look closely enough a the diverse nature of Nigeria.

Nigeria is often split into three larger regions in tech circles. Lagos, the centre of the western Nigeria. Eastern Nigeria is often focused around Port Harcourt and the North defined by the capital of Abuja.

The reality is that Kano in the North is a very different market from the capital city of Abuja despite them often being grouped as the Northern region.

When you split the country like that, you start to see much smaller population groups that require different marketing and communication strategies to be really successful because of the different customer behaviour.

You are not your Customer

The point I made in response to a question on the TINK Africa panel discussion was that “you are not your customer”.

This is something I have learned particularly in Product Management. It is important that founders and product managers make sure that they truly understand their market and what is important to that target.

Listen to the podcast where I share some examples of what I mean like how Nigerian’s find places to eat.

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