Episode 027: Tech Talk Tuesday – Online Security

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Let us kick off today’s discussion with a current affairs event that applies to the topic of online security and that is the HBO, Game of Thrones hack.

HBO Hack

As The Verge is reporting, the hackers of HBO who supposed have 1.5TB of data from the entertainment company’s systems, have share more of the data they stole online and issued a ransom demand. Some of the data leaked include personal details of cast members from the popular series, Game of Thrones.

There are concerns that this could become a repeat of the Sony Pictures hack a few years ago if the hackers got off with more email data than the one senior executive’s emails that they appear to have currently.

Password Guidelines are not great

According to a report by Gizmodo, the person responsible for the guidelines which many websites use for your password creation criteria has apologized for issuing the guideline that has people creating passwords with a mix of caps and special characters that you cannot remember but a computer programme could run and resolve in two to three years tops.

Turns out that a passphrase of some length and even lacking special characters and random caps can be much harder for a computer to crack. Which brings the next point.

Personal Online Security

I don’t have all the answers but I can suggest that using a password management application like Lastpass is a good starting point. Don’t use the same password on multiple places and turn on two-factor authentication.

The truth is personal online security is tough and can often be complicated. We will dive into this subject more in the future.

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