Episode 029: Individual Influence on a Team

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This is not an exhaustive podcast on the title thereof as there can be many aspects to the topic of individual influence on a team, but this is just an introspective view on a single experience I had this evening.

Individual Influence

This evening I had an experience that shook me. To be honest, I have had a rough day, at least I thought I had. It seemed that nothing I was doing was computing in my brain and after staring at the same spreadsheet for ages I gave in and opted to visit the market and see how things were going with our products.

I came back from that experience feeling mildly better but still a long way off the feel good high I woke up with.

I decided to try to engage in retail therapy but realising my goals on getting debt free I focused instead on just getting some grocery items. I had been at the store earlier in the day but our promoter had been on lunch I think so when he saw me in the store he came to greet me.

We got chatting about sales and business, I honestly was feeling a little impatient to get home and was expecting the same answers that other promoters earlier in the day had given us. The next 10mins however, revealed a man who was frustrated even more so than I was. I felt bad. How could I let myself feel so sorry for myself when my challenges required my attention so that this team member, now matter how remote from my day to day personal interaction he may be, could feel supported. Here was someone who was facing on a daily basis the issues we only predicted were happening.

We all play a part in a team and there is something each can do to help the load of one another.

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